Best of Switzerland - Sektor 11, Zürich Oerlikon (ZH) - Sa. 05.02.2022

Datum: Samstag 05.02.2022
Event: Best of Switzerland
Uhrzeit: 22:00 - 06:00
Musikstyle: Trance, Progressive, Hardstyle
Beschreibung: Theater of the event will be one of the cult clubs of the time, the SEKTOR 11 in Oerlikon, whose mythical tunnel at the entrance will make us relive those extraordinary moments, when the adrenaline pumped strongly in the veins of all those who were able to witness the formidable set of the best DJs on the Swiss scene: Tatana, Max B. Grant, Philippe Rochard, Mind-X, Lady Tom, Madwave, Dave 202 and many others.

The MAIN FLOOR will feature the 10 best DJs who will follow one another until the first light of dawn.

It will certainly be great to relive those moments. The music of the best artists will be the main protagonist of the night, it will make vibrated not only the speakers, but also the hearts of all of us who have lived those magnificent years of pure and irrepressible fun. Sharing these moments of joy and freedom is the main goal of the party.

In the FRIENDS FLOOR, the most talented emerging DJs will perform. A show not to be missed. In addition to DJs, a lot of artists will also liven up the party: MC, dance animations and many surprises.

An absurd road trip that you will not easily forget!

We are waiting for you!
Flyer / Picture: Best of Switzerland - Sektor 11, Zürich Oerlikon (ZH) - Sa. 05.02.2022